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Architectural Interior Design • Wayne County NY

At Trudi Smith Designs, our job is to quite literally build your future.

We're here to improve your daily life, center your space around what's important to you, and create a home that lifts you.

We specialize in asking the right questions.

We consider the big picture—even when we're just designing a portion of it. Every design begins with function...and then we layer on the elements that truly reflect your style.

Our process is about solving design puzzles.

It's about creating amazing experiences and producing an outcome that makes every day notably better. Just ask any of our clients—a great design will change everything.

Welcome home.

Walking into your space should bring you an immediate sense of relief—and that feeling starts now. I’ll guide you through the process and design solutions that are all about you. From concept to completed project, our team will be your rock, your guide, and your advocate.

“Her design was so creative and out of the box.”

– Renee / Honeoye Falls, NY