One Room Challenge – Week 6

One Room Challenge – Week 6

Week 6

Fun With Finishes

Welcome to week six. What a fun week! We left week five pretty tired and wrapped just in time to get our counter templated. We are now ready to start layering in all the beautiful finishes.

I wanted to keep the studio a little neutral while still sharing great ways to add color. I chose to create a color story pulling inspiration from the stunning Milton & King Bush Beauty Denim wallpaper I selected. The walls are Sherwin Williams Emerald Designer Addition  Perfect Khaki SW9612 in a satin finish. The ceiling is Emerald Designer Edition Soft Suede SW9577 in a flat finish. These colors are exclusive to this collection. (meaning they don’t translate exactly in other lines. They were created for this formula) The moldings in the studio are a semi-gloss finish. I repeated the wall and ceiling colors with Emerald Trim Enamel. The windows and doors blend with the wall color, while the base and crowns work off the ceiling color. These colors gave us a great supporting backdrop for the rest of our finish story.

Wow, That wallpaper

It had been years since Tammy & I had hung wallpaper, but we were up for the challenge. We still had no power in the studio, so we installed by work lights. Because the design called for three accent panels of wallpaper, this took a little more layout time. We needed to figure out the repeat, decide what the center of our panels would be, and then locate the corresponding side panels. Everything was laid out on the wall with the level. We took measure twice, cut once to a whole new level. Once we got the first panel up, the other two went pretty quickly. This paper was wonderful to work with. Applying the paste to the wall made the process much easier.

Time For Flooring

This space has outdoor access and will have light customer traffic (including contractor feet), so I had to choose something durable. After consulting with Revelwoods about NextGen Flooring for a clients home, I knew it was what I was going to use here. The nearly 8′ planks made it quick to install and created a very polished final look. There are some cool things about this floor. It is a click install and goes together very fast. The click joint has a proprietary shape that locks out moisture. You can have surface spills that sit for 24 to 48 hours and they will not penetrate the finish or the joints between boards. Finally, the face layer of real hardwood has been compressed under extreme pressure and bonded to the HDF backer. It;s super stable, but also super resistant to dents, gouging etc. This is a highly durable floor that is also very sustainably made. All FSC and CARB2 compliant- and that’s important.

Counter Installation

I have two counter materials. What I refer to as the bookcase has Dekton Neural. That was a simple installation. The beverage area has Silestone Parisien Bleu for the counter as well as the backsplash. This installation was a little more delicate, and turned out stunning. As soon as the counters wewre in we were able to finish setting the cabinets.

Hardware is Jewelery

I love beautiful hardware, but I am a stickler about function. Hardware should be easy to grasp and not make it difficult to open the cabinet. Emtek marries both. With over a dozen different finishes, it was easy to chose several styles for my displays. For the base of the bookcase it was a Fench Antique finish. Pewter was the perfect accent for the top, and Medium Bronze rocks the darker beverage area drawers.

A little Sparkle

I chose to mirror the back of the bookcase. The most cost-effective way for me to do this was with tile.

I found just what I was looking for at Tile Bar. The Vilna Tuscan Argenta Antique Polished Mirror 3×6 buffered the mirrored glare while giving the space a nod to the historic. Lesson learned- I should have used a darker mastic.

Details Details Details

All the little finishing details are starting to come together. I have a lot of moldings in the space, and a great contractor rocking their installation. The electrical is finaly coming together. Next weeks post will be all about the lighting. In the meantime please check out my fellow participoants and all the great vendors who have been helping me along the way.

Thanks for following me on this journey-


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