Week Three 1

A Look Behind The Walls

Welcome to week three of the One Room Challenge. Now that the studio is framed, we can concentrate on the Mechanicals. We needed to upgrade the electrical panel that fed this space and run all new wiring in the studio. We also installed a mini-split to condition the space.

Because the studio isn’t part of the house, it wasn’t connected to the heating system. A mini-split was the perfect solution. We installed a Fujitsu unit. Some people refer to these as “Ductless” units because you don’t have to run ductwork in the walls. I didn’t want a head unit on the wall so we chose to duct the system. I had to consider space for a chase above the ceiling when I was laying out the lighting, skylight, and tray ceiling. My closet also serves as a great place to put the indoor unit and duct the return air. This unit was also sized so that we could condition the adjacent garage space as well. It is one unit that provides both heating and cooling. These all-electric units are very efficient, and even more so when you use them to zone your spaces. I am lucky to have two HVAC professionals in the family, but you should always consult a professional for the proper unit for your space.

More about the brand we used- https://www.fujitsugeneral.com/us

Lighting The Way

From the beginning, I considered how I wanted to light the studio. Natural light is always the best option, and I added plenty of that. When mother nature isn’t available, adjustable, dimmable, layered lighting steps in.

The plan for the studio includes general, task, accent, and decorative lighting. I worked with Ryan from @digitalhomecreations to create a plan for lighting and controlling each of the zones of the studio. A Lighting plan should be part of the project from the beginning. It’s easier and more cost-effective to plan for and execute the wiring during the construction phase.

Accent lighting- will highlight the cabinetry, samples, and artwork. This can also be used to show unique features like the tray ceiling in the studio.

General Lighting- general illumination in the space, this is the light that comes on when you flip the switch as you enter the room.

Task lighting- this will be under cabinet lighting, pendants above my desk

Decorative lighting – These are usually fixtures that are decorative in nature and don’t provide a high enough level of light for work. These will be the pendant at the beverage station and the chandelier.

Architectural Lighting- this is a system of lighting within the built space. This kind of lighting works with the space. You typically see the light and not the fixture.

Instead of sharing photos of wiring in walls, I thought I would give a little tease of the decorative lights I have selected for the studio. These beautiful fixtures are from Hubbardton Forge Lighting. I love that I select the finishes I want and that my pieces are made for me.


A space that is well-lit and well-tempered will always add to the comfort of your experiences.


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